90 Days of Namaste: Day 15









Word of the Day: Change

Found on Pinterest. Not entirely accurate for today, but I loved this pic!

Today was a good day. I successfully trained for my 10k, attended my favorite Power Yoga class and later continued my core-energetics work with my teacher. Essentially, she and I are finding the emotional connections to my physical pain and limitations and working that energy out. Let’s call it Yoga Therapy ­čÖé

My teacher asked me what my goals for our work are, and I said instinctively “to feel free.” I’m starting to realize more than ever how yoga is a spiritual practice. With every twist, lunge and balance pose, I feel like I’m simultaneously challenging myself and expelling negative thoughts. Consistent practice is giving me confidence, and I’m starting to┬áreap the benefits.


Videos of the Day: None!