Days 50-57: Hiatus & a 10K!


The past week I have been awful at blogging, okay at yoga and great at running because…

I finished my 10K yesterday in less than an hour! After months of training, I completed my 10k even though there was freezing rain! The run went by lots of DC monuments, like the Jefferson Memorial and the Kennedy Center, which was really fun. The beauty also helped distract me from the few moments where I felt tired. Overall, I was incredibly focused, but every so often that little  voice would come in and tell me that I needed to stop for a second or walk. But I pushed through. When I hit that last mile and there was freezing rain pelting my face, I felt stronger than I had the entire run. I don’t know what that little doubtful voice was or where it comes from, but the run taught me that motivation beats it out. When I crossed the finish line, I really felt like I could do anything. I am really proud of myself. Running this 10k showed me that hard work and a good attitude can really help you achieve anything. 🙂

My friend Rebecca and I after the race!
My friend Rebecca and I after the race!

As for my yoga, I went off and on this past week, as my focus really was on my 10k and adequately preparing and resting for that. But I did attend a new studio, Dancing Mind, and I loved the classes– the best part? They give you cold lavender towels for savasana!  I went there twice last week and it was great.

After the race I did a good stretch at home, and today I attended my favorite Power Yoga class where I focused on stretching and releasing. Now that my 10k is out of the way (and I’m already thinking about the next race!), I am back to yoga. I almost considered calling the past week a “hiatus” and starting at Day 50, but I realized that wouldn’t be truthful. It’s called a yoga journey for a reason, no?

This next month I am focusing on arm and core strength. Let’s see what a month of dedication to that brings me! Time to finish strong! Pun intended 🙂

90 Days of Namaste: Day 49: After the Finish Line


Okay, the name of this post is a little misleading because I haven’t run my 10k yet, but today I ran 6 miles for the first time ever(!) and my yoga class was called “After the Finish Line.”

I am really happy with my running progress and my yoga practice! Today, this 15 minute post-run stretch by one of my favorite teachers, Taylor Harkness, was perfect for what I needed, physically and time wise. I noticed little things about myself, like Runner’s Stretch didn’t hurt my quads as much, and I can arch a little deeper in Downward Dog. These are seemingly small improvements, but just like my cardio progress, show that all this yoga is really paying off. Slow but steady wins the race, right? Except for my actual 10k next week of course 😉


Video of the Day: After the Finish Line 

90 Days of Namaste: Day 30: Resolution Reboot

Word of the Day: Reboot


Today, NBC Washington (my workplace) launched its “Reboot Your Resolution” series, and it was a serendipitous occurrence for my current status.

I know I haven’t blogged much in the past week, and that’s because I’ve only done yoga intermittently. Honestly, being sick for (what felt like) so long threw me for a loop, and I lost my groove. It didn’t feel good physically or emotionally. I tried to honor my body by resting instead of exercising. I tried to honor my mind by not beating myself up over that, or the fact that I missed a few days when I felt better but just didn’t get around to it. So when I got to work today and  saw our new campaign, I felt rejuvenated.

Our reporting shows that it takes people 66 days to form a habit, and that it’s very common for people to slip up on intense resolutions (i.e., doing anything everyday or lose a set amount of pounds). But our reports also show that the first week of February is a great time to reboot your resolution. And that’s where I’m at now.

I finally feel in full health. I’ve been tackling my to-do list and overall, I feel refreshed. I’m letting go of the energy from the past few weeks and affirming health, wholeness and a fresh start. With that and today’s power yoga class (and barring any more illnesses!) I’m back on track for the remaining 2/3 of my yoga journey. I know that even after day 90 rolls around, I’ll still being doing yoga much more frequently than I did at Day 1. And that’s a good feeling. 🙂


Class of the Day: My gym’s Power Yoga class