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Thanksgiving weekend I finally was able to get into Dancer Pose. It wasn’t the prettiest, it certainly wasn’t notable to most yoga practitioners out in the world, but for the first time my shoulders were open enough that I actually had the foot in both hands. Amazing. It’s the best

dancer-pose-1-views-from-the-podiumfeeling in the world to finally understand what is needed to accomplish a posture and grasp it in the body, mind, and spirit.

As the weeks passed by and we headed towards Christmas I was able to get deeper and deeper into the posture, each time giving me a better understanding of what was needed. I knew this posture. We had a relationship. We finally met, understood each other, and had a great respect for one another. It was a great friendship. And then, out of the blue…we stopped communicating and lost touch with one another.

dancer-pose-2-views-from-the-podiumThe holidays approached and my…

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90 Days of Namaste: Days 23 & 24

Words of the Day: In Sickness & in Health

Found on Pinterest, perfect for my week!
Found on Pinterest, perfect for my week!

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

After finallllyy beating my sinus infection on Monday, on Tuesday I came down with a cold/flu/blech situation. I could hardly get off the couch. The most frustrating thing has been that I usually never get sick, so being slowed down for pretty much a solid week has really bummed me out. I’ve been pretty good at doing yoga despite feeling ill, but my normal schedule has been bent out of shape and my 10k training has fallen to the wayside (running when you can’t breathe? I don’t think so). So that is disappointing.

I am a super impatient person (one of the reasons that yoga is so good for me, it breeds patience), so I’ve been really frustrated. I feel like I’ve been doing all the right stuff (sleeping, taking it easy, etc.) and not recovering as quickly as I want. Though my friend Hannah reminded me that this might be a way my body is telling me to slow down.

So, as far as that affects my yoga journey, I’m allowing myself to take breaks if I need to. I’m also deciding not to schedule myself so tightly, and affirm HEALTH. I realize if I want to stop being sick and tired, I should stop telling myself that I am.

So, with a great yoga class today (a Detox class from YogaGlo) and a (hopefully) soon-to-be good night’s sleep, I’m reminding myself that I am whole, healthy and well. Namaste.


Video of the Day:

Ready, set DETOX! on YogaGlo


90 Days of Namaste: Day 20

Word of the day: gratitude

I’m grateful that I feel much better today! I’m grateful that I am listening to my body and resting still but that I did my 30 minutes of yoga. I did the “Post Cold Flow” on YogaGlo and honestly, I hated the class but I’m glad I made it to the mat.
Tomorrow brings another day, hopefully one with full health, and for that, I’m grateful. 🙂

Video of the day: Post Cold Flow on YogaGlo



Energy Flows Where Intention Goes

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Sometimes the hardest thing you can be is happy for someone else. I struggled with this intensely throughout my acting career. It was so difficult to be happy for other actors when they began to achieve what I wanted to achieve – booking roles at dream theatres, playing that part that is on your bucket list, or getting noticed at that print call that pays a small fortune. Time and again I’d find myself slapping an ear-to-ear grin on my face and congratulating friends on their success while my mind crawled with jealousy, thinking, “How in the heck did they get that role? What am I doing wrong?”

Over the years I began to realize I really wanted to be happy for these people that were achieving some success in my field – not only on the outside, but in my mind and my soul as well. I was starting…

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90 Days of Namaste: Day 11: Pajama Yoga

Word of the Day: Sleep

Found on Pinterest/Accurate for Today
Found on Pinterest/Accurate for Today

I knew this day would come.

I did yoga in my pajamas.

After a long day of various errands (and my kickboxing aka kick-my-butt class earlier this morning), I was ready for some restorative yoga. So I decided to try Yoga Nidra.

Also known as “Yogic Sleep” this yoga definitely felt like that. There were intense moments where I almost felt tethered to the floor, and others when I had incredibly lucid thoughts. As someone who can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes, the fact that I made it through 20 whole minutes without shifting was a big deal! The last 10 minutes of the video (from YogaGlo) were a bit of a struggle. But it reminded me why I’m so happy that I chose yoga as my 90 day commitment. Yoga means so many different things, and today it meant grounding myself and resting, and that’s completely okay. I can totally see how meditation helps stress levels, and I’m excited to try it more.

But now, time for bed.


Video of the Day:

Yoga Nidra from YogaGlo


90 Days of Namaste: Day 9

Word of the Day: Sweat

Exciting news! Along with my 90 Days of Namaste, I am now fulfilling one of my fitness goals and training for a 10k! I’ll be running the St Pat’s 10k on March 1st here in DC. The course goes past all the monuments and training for it has given me a cardio kick. I am so happy with 2015 so far!

But back to yoga. After running my 2.5 miles (part of my 10k training plan), I wanted to do some yoga that felt active as well. Well be careful what you wish for.

Story of my life
Story of my life, except who looks that good after the gym?

I continued with my online YogaGlo practice where I picked a thirty-minute video entitled “Short on Time Flow.” The description reads: “Only have a half hour but want that feeling of a hot and wonderful flow? This one is for you! ” 

The flow definitely felt hot, but wonderful? Not so much. While I loved the instructor (Kathryn Budig) and I definitely got a workout, it felt more like bootcamp than yoga. It was a nonstop vinyasa involving jumping lunges. While I appreciated the cardio blast, I realized that what I love about yoga is really sinking into poses and reaching my limit, especially posture/form wise. I can’t believe I’m actually writing that. What has yoga done to my “I can’t/I don’t want to” voice? Nine days in and feeling fine 🙂

Video of the Day

YogaGlo Short on Time Flow


What Was Your Yoga Today?

Love this!

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I did NOT want to practice yoga yesterday. I wanted to go home after teaching the early morning class and climb back into bed and forget about the fact that the house was a mess, I hadn’t written then next blog post, and I am fighting the fact that I feel fat, fat, FAT after the holidays have officially come to a close, even though I have to admit, I’m just bloated and being dramatic. It took every ounce of energy and discipline to keep me at the studio in between classes, knowing that if I didn’t stay I would probably regret it and have to play catch up all week long to get my practice in. So, I stayed and I went through it and it wasn’t awful and it wasn’t amazing…it was my yoga for the day.

Everyday your yoga practice will present you with new challenges. It…

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90 Days of Namaste: Day 8

Word of the Day: Consistency 

Today marks a full calendar week of my doing yoga every day!

Hapyy one whole week!

Even though yesterday was technically my one week mark, it didn’t really feel like it. But now that I’ve done two Mondays of yoga, it does!

I started my free week at the new Core Power Yoga studio a few blocks from my house. The class was Hot Power Fusion, which reminded me of my beloved power yoga class but in 95 degree heat. The teacher was incredible and I had measured success in the class! The big thing: I did crow pose!

This happened today! For like…ten seconds.

My teacher, Kim, kept using the words consistency. How consistency helps our practice and if we can’t do something, be patient because our consistency will make it so. Even though it’s only been one week, being able to have measured success–like doing crow, the hardest pose ever–makes me so happy I started this journey.  Namaste 🙂

Videos of the Day: none! 


90 Days of Namaste: Day 2

Word of the Day: Integration

DC looks like a winter wonderland outside, but the roads have been taken over by snow-mageddon. I wanted to try this new yoga studio close to my house, but bad weather equates bad traffic equates bad accidents…you get the picture.

So what better day to do online yoga and try the next video in my favorite  series, Psyche Truth!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 12.31.42 PM
YouTube Yoga with Erica Vetra–my favorite!

I am obsessed with Erica Vetra. She is spunky, encouraging but also gives you a heck of a workout. Today I did Level 2 in her Yoga for Weight Loss series and I highly recommend it. It’s only 30 minutes long but man does it make you sweat. It’s a mixture of vinyasa and core work, which for me was exactly what I needed.

I was so touched by the outpouring of positivity I received yesterday after I launched this 90 day journey. So today, I felt compelled to push myself. In every pose I focused intensely on my posture and in return felt more clarity than ever before. I know it’s only been 2 days, but my new approach to my practice (i.e. making it a daily commitment for growth rather than a sporadic pleasure) has given me a new attitude on my body and my practice, which feels great 🙂

At the end of the video, Erica said, “Let the work that you do integrate into your body.” That really hit home. Just like my daily stress impacts my body, yoga will too, but in a restorative, positive way. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

More tomorrow!