The Human Rights Heroine

10460446_10204441070611296_2870501084880952966_n I’m so excited to share this piece with you guys! I recently interviewed my dear friend, Kristina Bogos, about her human rights activism. Her audacity and intelligence are truly inspiring.

Excerpted below is my favorite part of the interview. Read it in full at The HBIC Project and let me know what you think!

“I knew that there was a higher power (NYU) that had the agency to promote universal values in human rights and make a difference. And I don’t know the NYU-Abu Dhabi government relationship, but I know it’s NYU’s names on those buildings and on the worker’s hard hats, and that really got to me.

That’s when I decided to speak out and pursue my piece. I’m a student, but I have a voice. After my article was published, I realized that exposure wasn’t enough. I still hold journalism to the highest regard, but I wanted to do more. I needed to do more. And the next step just happened.”



Shakespeare in the Square

One of my favorite pieces I ever worked on was this one, where Kari O’Hara, Lauren Lewis and I profiled the NYU-based theatre troupe Shakespeare in the Square. Their shows are free and performed outside regardless of weather–come sunshine or Hurricane Sandy. Check it out!

Correspondent: Kari O’Hara //Producers: Kari O’Hara, Lauren Lewis & Myself


Interview with Charlotte Martin: The Movie Maven

555422_10151433685128792_991287517_n-300x300I interviewed Charlotte Martin, director & writer of the upcoming feature “The First of our Friends to Get Married” for The HBIC Project and it was such a joy!

Favorite quote:

“In this industry, there’s this whole theme of “what box do you fit in?” But if you build the box then you will definitely fit in it. Don’t find a box, make a box. And then think outside of it and expand.”

Read it in full here!


Vintage Baseball

Published on NY Mag’s blog Bedford & Bowery

When we think baseball, we think Alex Rodriguez, Peanuts & Crackerjack, Fenway Park– not the Civil War. But a group of men pay tribute to America’s favorite sport by playing like it’s 1864. On Governor’s Island, the New York Gothams and the Brooklyn Eckfords got together for a game and showed us the historic significance & fun that is Vintage Base Ball.


Special Thanks to Erik Miklich, Rafael Garcia and Ben Levinsohn.
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Check out the full Bedford&Bowery post here:

Cycling for Charity

“How ya doing New York?” A spinning instructor, clad in Tour de France yellow, roars at the 50 people pedaling furiously on stationary bikes in front of him. Sweat rolls down labored faces. Speakers blast an amped up remix of Beyoncé’s “Partition.” “We’ve only burned 800 calories!”

But this scene isn’t on a gym floor. It’s on a patch of concrete normally called a business pavilion.

On this Friday afternoon, June 6, 2014, athletes and altruists alike have flocked to 1345 6th Avenue to cycle for charity. For $500 to $5,000 per bike, New Yorkers can take an hour-long class from spinning powerhouse Cyc Fitness with views of the iconic “LOVE” sign and Radio City Music Hall. And random passersby snapping paparazzi-esque photos of the business area bikers of course.

The purpose of the day’s event is to raise money for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, a non-profit that assists American military members suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Next week, an eight-member team from the organization is participating in “Race Across America,” a 3,000 mile bike ride stretching from California to Maryland. So today is merely a light warm up.

“We bike 24 hours a day,” says the team’s captain Winston Fisher. “We stop for tornadoes, but other than that, we keep moving.”

All proceeds from both cycling events go to building nine TBI diagnostic centers across the country, adding to the San Antonio amputee center and Washington DC headquarters the Fallen Heroes Fund already operates. Through CYC and their cross-country campaign, they’ve already raised $500,000. The fact that philanthropy can come through fitness is part of CYC’s vocation, according to co-founder Alexandra Blodgett.

“Cyc actually has a built in charity component,” she says. “For every mille that you ride, we donate on your behalf. We want to make an experience where you’re helping others as well as yourself.”

With the exhausted class cheering wildly as their teacher reminds them every pedal stroke aids wounded warriors, CYC & Fallen Heroes Fund can declare this mission accomplished.

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