90 Days of Namaste: Day 59-61

Word of the Days: Intention


Wednesday I went to my gym’s weekly vinyasa class and per usual, the teacher asked if we had an intention for the class. I have always struggled with this, because my mind runs ten miles a minute, and I have so many ideas I feel like I can’t just pick one. But today, I’m not sure why, but immediately I knew my intention would be “be present.” That was all.  I just wanted to be in the moment and leave the outside world off the mat.

Interestingly enough, with that, I found my practice much more enjoyable. I didn’t beat myself up as much and felt myself going deeper into the poses. However, I did feel like I haven’t progressed as much as I’d like to when it comes to arm and core strength, but I have to remind myself that my focus has been on running, and my legs have never felt  better. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

As for Thursday and Friday, not much to say there. I did two quick videos at home, and it amazed me how just a quick practice can really spark my mood and posture. I feel like I’ve finally made fitness a daily part of my life and I’m so grateful for that.


Videos of the Day(s):

Weds: None

Thurs: Empowerment by YogaGlo

Fri: Wake Up Call by YogaGlo

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