You Are Always Where You Need to Be

Views from the Podium

Thanksgiving weekend I finally was able to get into Dancer Pose. It wasn’t the prettiest, it certainly wasn’t notable to most yoga practitioners out in the world, but for the first time my shoulders were open enough that I actually had the foot in both hands. Amazing. It’s the best

dancer-pose-1-views-from-the-podiumfeeling in the world to finally understand what is needed to accomplish a posture and grasp it in the body, mind, and spirit.

As the weeks passed by and we headed towards Christmas I was able to get deeper and deeper into the posture, each time giving me a better understanding of what was needed. I knew this posture. We had a relationship. We finally met, understood each other, and had a great respect for one another. It was a great friendship. And then, out of the blue…we stopped communicating and lost touch with one another.

dancer-pose-2-views-from-the-podiumThe holidays approached and my…

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