90 Days of Namaste: Day 59-61

Word of the Days: Intention


Wednesday I went to my gym’s weekly vinyasa class and per usual, the teacher asked if we had an intention for the class. I have always struggled with this, because my mind runs ten miles a minute, and I have so many ideas I feel like I can’t just pick one. But today, I’m not sure why, but immediately I knew my intention would be “be present.” That was all.  I just wanted to be in the moment and leave the outside world off the mat.

Interestingly enough, with that, I found my practice much more enjoyable. I didn’t beat myself up as much and felt myself going deeper into the poses. However, I did feel like I haven’t progressed as much as I’d like to when it comes to arm and core strength, but I have to remind myself that my focus has been on running, and my legs have never felt  better. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

As for Thursday and Friday, not much to say there. I did two quick videos at home, and it amazed me how just a quick practice can really spark my mood and posture. I feel like I’ve finally made fitness a daily part of my life and I’m so grateful for that.


Videos of the Day(s):

Weds: None

Thurs: Empowerment by YogaGlo

Fri: Wake Up Call by YogaGlo

90 Days of Namaste: Day 58

Phrase of the Day: Bliss

One day I will be able to do this!
One day I will be able to do this!

Today was a kind-of-all-over-the-place sort of day, and I knew I wouldn’t have much time for yoga. But I “made it to the mat” for a quick YogaGlo practice called “Bliss Blast.” It was by one of my favorite teachers, Amy, and it was a ten-minute pick-me-up designed to improve anyone’s mood. I have to be honest, it worked!

One thing I did realize today though is that I much prefer going to classes in person than doing them at home. I want to honor that more this month…maybe try to go to four classes a week in person rather than my usual two? Stay tuned!


Video of the Day: Bliss Blast

Days 50-57: Hiatus & a 10K!


The past week I have been awful at blogging, okay at yoga and great at running because…

I finished my 10K yesterday in less than an hour! After months of training, I completed my 10k even though there was freezing rain! The run went by lots of DC monuments, like the Jefferson Memorial and the Kennedy Center, which was really fun. The beauty also helped distract me from the few moments where I felt tired. Overall, I was incredibly focused, but every so often that little  voice would come in and tell me that I needed to stop for a second or walk. But I pushed through. When I hit that last mile and there was freezing rain pelting my face, I felt stronger than I had the entire run. I don’t know what that little doubtful voice was or where it comes from, but the run taught me that motivation beats it out. When I crossed the finish line, I really felt like I could do anything. I am really proud of myself. Running this 10k showed me that hard work and a good attitude can really help you achieve anything. 🙂

My friend Rebecca and I after the race!
My friend Rebecca and I after the race!

As for my yoga, I went off and on this past week, as my focus really was on my 10k and adequately preparing and resting for that. But I did attend a new studio, Dancing Mind, and I loved the classes– the best part? They give you cold lavender towels for savasana!  I went there twice last week and it was great.

After the race I did a good stretch at home, and today I attended my favorite Power Yoga class where I focused on stretching and releasing. Now that my 10k is out of the way (and I’m already thinking about the next race!), I am back to yoga. I almost considered calling the past week a “hiatus” and starting at Day 50, but I realized that wouldn’t be truthful. It’s called a yoga journey for a reason, no?

This next month I am focusing on arm and core strength. Let’s see what a month of dedication to that brings me! Time to finish strong! Pun intended 🙂