90 Days of Namaste: Day 45– Halfway there!

Phrase of the day: Halfway there! 


It’s hard to believe that I am halfway through my yoga journey! Though, as I’ve said before, I am now so hooked on regular yoga practice that there’s no way I’ll cut it out completely after 90 days.

I had a lot of random errands today so I did a quick, hard, class so it could fill in for my 10k cross-training. I noticed how I’m able to go farther down in chaturanga before caving, twist deeper and even lift my legs higher in three-legged dog! These are subtle changes, but I’m reminding myself that they are making huge differences in my life.

One extra note about my class: I cannot recommend YogaGlo enough– it’s $18/month for unlimited classes, and their filter system make it easy for you to find the duration/style/focus of a class you want. I’m hooked for good 🙂


Video of the Day: Yoga for Cross-training on YogaGlo

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