90 Days of Namaste: Day 9

Word of the Day: Sweat

Exciting news! Along with my 90 Days of Namaste, I am now fulfilling one of my fitness goals and training for a 10k! I’ll be running the St Pat’s 10k on March 1st here in DC. The course goes past all the monuments and training for it has given me a cardio kick. I am so happy with 2015 so far!

But back to yoga. After running my 2.5 miles (part of my 10k training plan), I wanted to do some yoga that felt active as well. Well be careful what you wish for.

Story of my life
Story of my life, except who looks that good after the gym?

I continued with my online YogaGlo practice where I picked a thirty-minute video entitled “Short on Time Flow.” The description reads: “Only have a half hour but want that feeling of a hot and wonderful flow? This one is for you! ” 

The flow definitely felt hot, but wonderful? Not so much. While I loved the instructor (Kathryn Budig) and I definitely got a workout, it felt more like bootcamp than yoga. It was a nonstop vinyasa involving jumping lunges. While I appreciated the cardio blast, I realized that what I love about yoga is really sinking into poses and reaching my limit, especially posture/form wise. I can’t believe I’m actually writing that. What has yoga done to my “I can’t/I don’t want to” voice? Nine days in and feeling fine 🙂

Video of the Day

YogaGlo Short on Time Flow

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