90 Days of Namaste

For the record, I never blog.

That’s an exaggeration. Obviously, I have written blogs, but I have never been a blogger per se. I couldn’t even keep a diary even after I bought a super adorable Lisa Frank golden retriever journal with matching locket in 2nd grade. And if that can’t make you write regularly, what can, I ask?


Not to continue this blog on a “I’ve never” note, but I’ve also never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions. Seriously. In my 23 years on this earth, I’ve never made a resolution. But this year is different. Since I no longer have a schedule that constantly changes due to school, l felt the need to create my own catalyst for change.

Which brings us to my 2015 New Year’s project: 90 Days of Namaste.

Here’s how it works:

Starting today, I will do yoga every single day for three months. No exceptions. It can be any type of yoga (hatha, vinyasa, bikram, etc), but it has to be at least 30 minutes long and has to be part of an actual class (online or in person) so I’m not just mildly stretching in my room and calling it good.

To keep myself accountable (and, I suspect, introduce me to some pretty interesting people along the way), I will be blogging about it on a daily basis. Nothing necessarily long, just a way for me to check in and monitor my progress.

Why yoga, you ask? Through sweat and sometimes literal tears, yoga makes me feel like the best version of myself. It’s incredibly f***ing hard challenging for me, but every time I finish a class, I feel rejuvenated and more in tune with my body. I’ve always wanted to be strong, toned and flexible, and I have a feeling doing yoga for 90 days will change me in ways I can’t even imagine.

If you’re interested in following along, check back here daily or use the hashtag #90DayNamaste. Here we go.

This is not me, but I hope it is one day. Beach Yoga is on my bucket list
This is not me, but I hope it is one day. Yoga on the beach = On the Bucket List

Day 1: Power Yoga

I’ll keep this short since I just wrote this intro. I kicked off this project with Power Yoga, a class I take at my local gym. It involves holding positions for a long amount of time, and my muscles literally shake every time I do it. Today was particularly challenging, which I took as a sign that I needed this 90 day commitment more than ever. This class kicks my ass, but after doing it, I feel better than I did all week. Day one, done!

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