Best Beauty Trick I Ever Learned? Happiness

Originally Posted on The HBIC Project


“You look fantastic.”

“Have you been working out like crazy?”

“You look the best you ever have.”

All of this was said to me after seven months of what I affectionately call my “Cream Cheese Bagel” diet and letting cobwebs take over my treadmill. Note: this blog is not an endorsement to forget your diet and exercise routine (I am a modern woman, after all and am hitting the gym the second this blog posts), but rather a feature on what I think is the most important and inherent quality that we forget about: happiness.

Although everything I did (or didn’t do, e.g. exercise and eat salad) should’ve led me to noticeably gain weight, according to my friends, I “glowed.” My career and personal life experienced unprecedented success, and I know this is because I was truly, simply happy. For me, that meant indulging in the foods I wanted to and savoring every bite. I appreciated the little things, like having the subway be miraculously on time for once. Every day I spent some quality time with my friends, even if it was a twenty minute walk on our lunch breaks. Essentially, I let go of my personal standards of happiness (perfect body, more money) and instead more fully appreciated the things I already had in my life.

And happiness is more present in our collective consciousness than ever before: Pharrell’s infectious hit “Happy” has been on the top 100 for more than 35 weeks, and none of us could log on to Instagram without seeing the social media project #100HappyDays. I know being happy is far easier said than done, especially for anyone suffering from anxiety and depression, so I hope anyone in that position seeks the help they need (I did so before my “happy transformation”). What I’m trying to say is that I believe it’s easy to classify our success based on something we are striving for, not something we have, and always searching for improvement. And that’s great, because if we weren’t trying to improve, we wouldn’t be HBICs! But since you already are a high achieving young woman, you owe it to yourself and your accomplishments to revel in that a little bit. It’s healthy to be happy with what you’ve done.

As I was talking to my friend Elyse about this, she smiled and said “Happiness is contagious,” and she’s so right. Enjoy your own life a little bit more and I guarantee you’ll brighten others’ as well. You, my HBIC reader, are amazing and deserve all the happiness you could ever wish for.  So take some time for you, give yourself your little happiness tricks, and definitely, always, eat the cream cheese bagel.

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