How My Military Father Raised Me “Like a Girl”

Spoiler Alert: He didn’t.

[It’s my Dad’s birthday, so I wanted to re-post this blog I wrote for The HBIC Project. It was originally posted for father’s day, but I think in light of recent commentary, it’s still incredibly relevant. Hope you enjoy!]


My father never taught me how to mow the lawn. We never used power tools together and certainly didn’t toss the ol’ pigskin around. We didn’t do these things—but not because I was a girl, but because I didn’t want to. I had terrible allergies to anything resembling nature. Had I ever used a chainsaw, there’s a 99.9 percent chance that I would’ve sliced off my arm (thanks, lack of coordination), and I’m less athletic than Rob Kardashian on a bad day.

In the age of Title IX, some might say that girls’ abilities are judged based on how cool they are with “masculine” activities, like drinking beer while watching “the game,” or even playing “the game” itself. At the same time, some – but not all! – feminists are quick to remove themselves from anything to do with men. That perspective fails to recognize that men are awesome, too.

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Shakespeare in the Square

One of my favorite pieces I ever worked on was this one, where Kari O’Hara, Lauren Lewis and I profiled the NYU-based theatre troupe Shakespeare in the Square. Their shows are free and performed outside regardless of weather–come sunshine or Hurricane Sandy. Check it out!

Correspondent: Kari O’Hara //Producers: Kari O’Hara, Lauren Lewis & Myself

Interview with Charlotte Martin: The Movie Maven

555422_10151433685128792_991287517_n-300x300I interviewed Charlotte Martin, director & writer of the upcoming feature “The First of our Friends to Get Married” for The HBIC Project and it was such a joy!

Favorite quote:

“In this industry, there’s this whole theme of “what box do you fit in?” But if you build the box then you will definitely fit in it. Don’t find a box, make a box. And then think outside of it and expand.”

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Best Beauty Trick I Ever Learned? Happiness

Originally Posted on The HBIC Project


“You look fantastic.”

“Have you been working out like crazy?”

“You look the best you ever have.”

All of this was said to me after seven months of what I affectionately call my “Cream Cheese Bagel” diet and letting cobwebs take over my treadmill. Note: this blog is not an endorsement to forget your diet and exercise routine (I am a modern woman, after all and am hitting the gym the second this blog posts), but rather a feature on what I think is the most important and inherent quality that we forget about: happiness.

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